Cocoa, Forests & Peace
(CB&P) is a public-private initiative aiming to promote deforestation-free cocoa production models that protect and restore forests in the cocoa value chain, improve livelihoods for producers and help consolidate the peace process in Colombia.

¿Where does the Cocoa, Forests & Peace Initiative come from?


The Colombian Government signed a peace agreement in 2016, with a great opportunity for rural development in strategic, environmental and post-conflict territories.

Cocoa becomes a key value chain to guarantee sustainable production options.

Colombia decides to be part of the Global Coalition for Food and Land Use – FOLU. Within the framework of this initiative, and the need to work on a regenerative economy that will contribute to peace and sustainable development, the Cocoa, Forest & Peace Initiative is born. Establishing itself as an early implementation of the Roadmap for a New Economy for Food and Land Use.


In 2017, the Global Cocoa & Forests Initiative is launched, in coordination with the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), who sign the Agreements with the Government of Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.


In 2018, the Government of Colombia, represented by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, together with the National Federation of Cocoa Producers (Fedecacao), Casa Luker, IDH and WRI (World Resources Institute), with the support of WCF, signed the Cocoa, Forests & Peace Initiative.

The initiative is also aligned with TFA’s (Tropical Forest Alliance) zero-deforestation agreement project.


In 2019 the ACTION PLAN 2030 is approved


In 2020 the budget is approved and the implementation of the ACTION PLAN 2022 begins.

To 2022

By 2022, Colombia faces the challenge of promoting agroforestry systems, restoration and sustainable forest management on 1,400,000 transformed hectares.

The National Development Plan seeks to implement zero-deforestation agreements, including the cocoa value chain.

To 2030

By 2030, the Cocoa, Forests & Peace Initiative has fulfilled more than 80% of the commitments made in the Action Plan.

2030 Target

Colombia is the first country in Latin America to join the World Cocoa Foundation – WCF – Global Cocoa & Forests Initiative with a clear commitment to have a zero-deforestation cocoa value chain and to improve the quality of life of cocoa farmers in the priority areas for the implementation of the Peace Agreement.